Dog Photobombs IV

Whenever I stop to photograph wildflowers, trees, streams, cairns or vistas in the forest, my dogs patiently wait nearby, following their noses, until I’m ready to continue our run or hike.

They often end up unexpectedly in the frame of my photo in classic photobombing style.

This fourth installment of dog photobombs carries the sub-theme: Mays Gone By. These photos prove that their photobombing skills go back years, in this case to May of 2016 and 2018 (with one July 2017 photo tossed in for grins and because it was a rare occurrence when a friend came with us and took the photo).

The original dog photobombs post is here, the second installment (sub-theme: fluffbutts) here, and the third installmend (sub-theme whatcha lookin’ at?) is here.

I hope these posts make you smile, just a little. We can all use reasons to smile, right?

dog head, wildflowers
Conall enters the scene I’ve carefully composed…
dog tail, wildflowers
…and quickly exits stage right.
dog in wildflowers
Then Finn ambles through. May 17, 2016.
writer and dog on mountain
Just me, posing with one of the cairns built to memorialize the girls and…Conall’s tongue. July 4, 2017.
trail, wildflowers, dog
Finn, the dog who hates having his photo taken, wanders into my artful framing of tiny, early spring wildflowers alongside the trail. May 1, 2018.
cairn and dog
More Conall cairn mayhem. May 11, 2018.
dog, wildflowers
Finn crashes an Indian paintbrush closeup. Looks like he’s eating them. May 15, 2018.
I thought I had achieved a nice landscape shot of a favorite meadow in bloom – despite the dying trees in the distance – until I got home and saw Conall meandering through. May 15, 2018.
wildflower, dog
Look at the delicate, elusive woodland star flower!
wildflower and dog
A study in contrasts: tiny sweet pea flowers and giant dog’s fluffy, dirty belly. May 15, 2018.

Feature photo: delicate ballhead waterleaf flower with ginormous dog feet. May 8, 2018.

25 thoughts on “Dog Photobombs IV”

  1. Nice post. I did enjoy the wildflowers, the first picture of the dog’s legs, the picture of you. Actually I enjoyed this post very much and it brought a smile to my face. So good to see a great outing in the woods, no matter the year.

    Liked by 1 person

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