Dog Photobombs VIII – Autumn

Autumn in these Idaho mountains arrives in late August and continues until the snow comes, usually in late November. A few late-blooming flowers offer splashes of color while the grasses, leaves and larch needles transition from green to various shades of yellows, oranges, reds and browns.

It’s pretty, in an understated way.

This has been a nail-biting, agonizingly slow Election Day/Week here in the U.S. I hope these dog photobombs provide a stress-reducing distraction. Enjoy!

coneflowers, hidden dog
A meadow full of coneflowers.
aspen tree, dog
A gnarly, twisted, split aspen trunk.
field grass, dog
Field grasses turning yellow under dramatic skies.
dog, wildflowers
Late-blooming Indian paintbrush can’t compete with Conall’s neon-pink “Don’t kill me!” flagging tape during hunting season.
aspens, dog
Aspen grove, leaves turning yellow.
stream, leaves
A burbling stream with fallen leaves and Finn’s feet.
dogs, larch needles on ground
Finn inserts himself into the frame as I try to capture, from ground level, the yellow larch needles carpeting the trail, Conall leading the way.

All of the above photos were taken this year. The next group of photos is from 2017, but when I stumbled upon them, I knew they should be included in the dog photobombs series. Crouching down to photograph a woolly bear caterpillar – a cute harbinger of fall that instantly takes me back to my childhood when I held them, curled in balls, in my palm, stroking their coats with my index finger – I caught Conall’s attention and he came back to investigate. The woolly bear lived to tell the tale and eventually (I hope) become a tiger moth.

woolly bear caterpillar
woolly bear caterpillar, dog
dog, woolly bear caterpillar
dog, woolly bear caterpillar
dog feet, woolly bear caterpillar

(These photos help me imagine what the world must look like from the perspective of a creature as small as a caterpillar.)

The original dog photobombs post is here, the second installment (sub-theme: fluffbutts) here, the third installment (sub-theme whatcha lookin’ at?) is here, the fourth (sub-theme Mays gone by) is here, the fifth (no sub-theme) is here, the sixth (sub-theme Early May 2020) is here, and the seventh (Late May through July, 2020) is here.

Feature photo: Pipsissewa flowers, a “new” discovery for me during a forest run on August 17, 2020. Great name, eh? They’re part of the wintergreen family. The grey blob to the right is Conall’s muddy paw.

7 thoughts on “Dog Photobombs VIII – Autumn”

  1. Even though we are a world away from the US election, I felt the stress of so many there. I have friends on both sides of the fence so, when chatting with them, I had to be very careful in choosing my words with some.

    Nature is always such a wonderful thing to focus on. The caterpillar! It brought back memories of my childhood in Wisconsin. Love your dogs. We are definitely dog people. If I wasn’t allergic to cats I’d probably have a cat too. We have a Maltese-love the little guy to pieces.

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