Non Sequitur

The Merriam-Webster definition of the term "non sequitur" is: a statement (such as a response) that does not follow logically from or is not clearly related to anything previously said. The perfect name for a comic strip by a political or editorial cartoonist. As a (former) attorney and (current) wordsmith, I love words and learning… Continue reading Non Sequitur

Building Trust with Ravens

Baby steps. I'm learning that's what it takes to get ravens to trust me. I'm good with that. I’m growing inordinately fond of the raven pair that have been enjoying the voles Conall catches, along with the occasional marrow bone I toss over the fence after the boys are done with them. I find these… Continue reading Building Trust with Ravens

Snowbound: Stumbling Upon a Lawyer in the Woods

My last post was about snow and how one's attitude about snow can make all the difference when living where snow happens. That post - and being snowbound at home most of the day today after a dump of about nine inches of new snow overnight - got me reminiscing about an encounter that happened… Continue reading Snowbound: Stumbling Upon a Lawyer in the Woods


With a long meeting scheduled for midday, I decided to take the boys for an early morning walk and add another at the end of the day. Our morning outing featured a sky with high wind-strewn clouds painted with the rising sun's gentle orange and pink hues. Our late afternoon walk was completed just before… Continue reading Combustion

Saying I’m Sorry: A Memorable Example

A reader commenting on my earlier post about the four phrases that make for civil society noted that giving someone who has been rude a dose of their own medicine is rarely effective, that leading by example is the better course. I completely agree. In responding to her comment I was reminded of something that… Continue reading Saying I’m Sorry: A Memorable Example

Adventures in Online Dating

Funny, what triggers a memory, and what rabbit holes your mind goes down from there. Just over a year ago – September 29, 2018 – I posted a story about Holst’s The Planets and the boyfriend who introduced me to that music on my personal Facebook page. Yesterday, I saw an ad for a concert… Continue reading Adventures in Online Dating

An Old Man and His Dog

The old man walks every day, averaging five or more miles, every season, except when the weather is really bad. He doesn’t walk in the rain. The old man walks in winter of 2017-18, faithful dog at his heels. A little dog – a mini-Aussie – is his steadfast companion. She stays at his heels.… Continue reading An Old Man and His Dog