Dog Photobombs

The vast majority of my nature photos are taken in the nearby national forest during runs and hikes with my dogs.

I simply stop and photograph whatever catches my eye on a given day. Wildflowers are favorites, as are streams, foliage, frost, cairns, and sunlight through trees.

I love taking photos of my dogs on these adventures, and often ask them to pose in natural settings. But I also love taking photos of nature in its natural state, without my dogs. The boys are patient and stay close when I stop to take nature-only photos. Sometimes, though, as they’re occupying their minds and their noses, they wander through the scene I’m trying to capture. If I crouch low to the ground – to get a closeup of a wildflower or a more unusual perspective, for example – they interpret that as an invitation to come see what I’ve found and/or give me a dog kiss. Photobombing ensues.

I used to delete those photos. Then, a few years ago, when it became easier to store digital photos in the cloud, I thought, Why not keep them? They always make me smile.

Here’s an initial sampling of dog photobombs, starring my boys Finn MacCool and Conall, all taken in 2019.

dog, wildflowers
tree, wildflowers, dog
dog, wildflowers, trees
dog, wildflowers, trees
wildflowers, dog
dogs, wildflowers, trees, sky
dog, wildflowers, trees
wildflowers, trees, dog
dog, wildflowers, trees, sun
wildflowers, dog, road
dog, wildflowers

More soon…

18 thoughts on “Dog Photobombs”

    1. Dear Bear: we’re doing our best to provide you with photos that include some snow. We, like you, always prefer a bit of snow to play on. It’s not possible every outing, but we’ll try. Your pals, Conall and Finn ❤

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