Dog Photobombs II

Whenever I stop to photograph wildflowers in the forest, my dogs take that as a cue to meander nearby, following their noses, until I’m ready to continue our run or hike.

Their meandering frequently brings them unexpectedly into the frame of my photo.

Going through such photos I realized I have enough for a sub-theme: fluffbutts.

wildflowers, tree, dog
sunflowers, dog
wildflowers, trees, dog
This is a recent photo (May 6, 2020), showing how Conall’s fluffbutt is decidedly less fluffy after his surgery in March. Thankfully the fur is growing back!
tree, dog
wildflowers, dog, log
wildflowers, dog
dog, wildflower
While trying to capture shooting stars growing alongside a stream with a beautiful backdrop Conall decided he was thirsty…
stream, wildflower, dog
…and took his time getting out of the frame.

24 thoughts on “Dog Photobombs II”

    1. Thanks. Lucky for me the forest and nature do all the work of planting and tending; I simply enjoy them when and where the appear! My thumb is pale green at best 😉

      You guys are getting hammered by late-season cold! Terrible. Maybe your blooms, when they do arrive, will be even more beautiful for the hardship they endured to survive. One can hope!

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    1. If asked, I usually say lupine are my favorite wildflower. So show-offy and big, and my favorite color (blue, with a hint of purple). But the shooting stars could nudge lupine off its pedestal. They’re not only a beautiful color, but their structure is delicate and amazing. Just not as abundant as lupine.

      And the dogs? Well, of course they’ll always be on top of any pedestal in my world ❤

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