With a long meeting scheduled for midday, I decided to take the boys for an early morning walk and add another at the end of the day. Our morning outing featured a sky with high wind-strewn clouds painted with the rising sun's gentle orange and pink hues. Our late afternoon walk was completed just before… Continue reading Combustion

Traffic, Idaho Style: Cattle Drive

Maybe you've heard about how atrocious traffic is, in and around Seattle. It's been bad for decades. I was born and raised in a nearby suburb, and from the time I started driving in 1972, I hated driving into downtown Seattle. Traffic and noise in the Puget Sound region were the primary reasons I left… Continue reading Traffic, Idaho Style: Cattle Drive


Several years ago, sharing photos of the rural valley where I live, an acquaintance commented, “It looks…bucolic.” Walking a country road as morning fog lifts. He meant it as a slur. He considers himself cosmopolitan, despite living in…Wyoming. The word bucolic is one I fully embrace, my raison d’etre for moving to Idaho’s mountains fifteen… Continue reading Bucolic