Fences V

February is my favorite winter month in these mountains. Fresh snow carpets the landscape, making everything clean and bright. The skies clear and temperatures drop, often below zero at night before rising along with the sun through the day. Stars blanket the night sky, easily seen, so close it seems you can reach up and touch them. Early fogs leave a coating of frost on trees, plants and fences, crystals that sparkle in the morning sun before melting away. There’s a hush that comes with winter, a slowing and calmness that I find comforting.

animal tracks through snowy pasture
Animal tracks meander beyond frost-covered barbed wire fences and plants as the morning sun breaks through a light fog.
horses in snow at fence
Curious horses.
frost on barbed wire fence
Frost adding beauty to barbed wire fence and ditch weeds.
fence in snow at sunset
Sunset casts a warm glow on a snow-covered pasture.
gate and fence in fog
Distant mountains appear through the fog on the far side of valley pastures.
cattails and split rail fence
Frosted cattails front an old split rail fence.
dogs on snow
Conall and Finn atop a snow berm in front of a nearly-buried gate and fence.

Feature photo: old derelict farm house surrounded by equally old frost-covered trees, Jan 27, 2019.

10 thoughts on “Fences V”

    1. Thank you, Martha! Taking and editing photos has become a daily, soothing routine. Although I admit, I’m starting to look forward to taking photos of spring wildflowers rather than fences covered in frost and snow 🙂 Nothing better than living where there are four distinct seasons; just as you’re getting bored with one, the next one arrives!

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    1. Aw, thank you, River!
      From your typing fingertips to…the book gods? I received an invitation yesterday to meet with a local photographer who wants to put together a photo book about our area. She needs a writer. Who knows, if it works out and we collaborate, maybe a fence photo will make the cut!

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