Just Breathe

I needed a break from peopling. The only creatures I wanted to talk to were my dogs. I wanted to breathe and be in nature, without interruption, without stress.

I also needed to go to a place where I could feel the dogs and I were safe from hunters/killers now that it’s rifle season. Knowing most of them are too lazy or out of shape to go far from a road, I chose a hiking trail that starts at 6,500 feet and gains 2,000 feet in 2.5 miles to a Forest Service fire lookout, too steep and remote for most.

We found the solitude I hoped for. And a dusting of snow – even better! We love snow. Here are some photos from our time spent forest bathing.

Just breathe…

trees and mountains
Autumn in the high country.
dogs, snow, mountains
Oh boy, snow!
dogs, mountains
Conall appreciates the view as much as I do as we climb through a section of scree.
boulders, quartz
Gorgeous quartz veins in the granite boulders.
raven, mountains
This raven amused itself by taunting the boys into games of chase. I love interacting with wildlife this way!
dogs on mountain
The boys keep an eye on the raven flying overhead.
raven in tree
The raven rests briefly atop an old tree, a good perch for keeping an eye on me and the boys before launching toward another game of chase, giving a raucous “Caw!” as it soared overhead.
dog, mountains
Conall does love a good view. We’re looking west across the Snake River into Oregon’s Wallowa Mountains.
dog, trees, mountains
Conall poses near a cairn built to memorialize his predecessors, Maia and Meadow, who enjoyed reaching the summit of this mountain (8,756 ft) as much as the boys and I do.
dogs, mountains
Heading back down to the trail head, a bit windy but oh, my, the views….
larch trees
Heading home, the larches – referred to as tamaracks locally – are turning color, adding a bright green-yellow to the landscape.

2 thoughts on “Just Breathe”

  1. Very enjoyable views. Wow. You go outside and hike. I go inside and read. Same search for a non-peopled space (except for Beth, of course).


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