Swimming in Circles

When I was about eight years old, my family got a puppy, a beagle-mix we named Trinket. Oh, I loved that girl. While she wasn’t the first dog in my life, Trinket was the first dog who grew up with me, a part of my life from age eight until I left home at eighteen.… Continue reading Swimming in Circles

Practicing Law in a Bygone Era: Life Lessons Learned from Clients

Not long ago I was reading James Herriot’s Dog Stories, about his country veterinary practice in England. Herriot is best known for his book, All Creatures Great and Small. His stories of rural life during the era around WWII and the quirky clients he served, both human and animal, are charming and humorous. Those clients… Continue reading Practicing Law in a Bygone Era: Life Lessons Learned from Clients

Awe in Nature

Going through life, minding your own business, you don’t always know why something pulls you, calls to you, why you feel compelled to keep pursuing it. You find it impossible to articulate the whyfor. You just know, deep in your bones, that you feel better, healed even, when you do it, heeding the call. For… Continue reading Awe in Nature