Stories About Dogs, Nature and Wildlife

I love dogs. I also love how my dogs have interacted with nature and wildlife over many years, helping me observe so much I would otherwise have missed when we venture into the wilderness.

I have so many stories.

And photos. Even a few videos.

I decided to create another Kindle Vella. An e-book in episodes. I had good fun with the last one (Law-Law Land, under the pen name Harper Finch). This one – titled Wild and Gentle Dogs – launched on July 1st. It’s a nonfiction collection of short stories – one per episode – from my years following my dogs into forests and other settings where amazing encounters with wildlife occur.

The first episode of Wild and Gentle Dogs answers my own question: When and why did I become intrigued by interactions between dogs and wildlife? It’s a story from my childhood about a harbor seal in a fresh-water lake who befriended dogs and played with them on my family’s dock.

As with all Kindle Vella stories on, the first three episodes are free to read. Thereafter, readers must buy tokens to unlock episodes. The first 250 or so tokens are free when you sign up (or at least they were a few months ago). Tokens are relatively cheap to purchase.

I posted three episodes on July 1st and 2nd. I’d love for you to read them, and – if so inclined – “like” those episodes by clicking the thumbs-up icon below the A note from the author box at the bottom. (Note: if you read on your desktop, that “like” option isn’t available; it’s there if you read on a Kindle or smart phone.) Also, please consider following my Vella by clicking that icon. That will let you know when new episodes are available. And best of all, write a review!

I’m also experimenting with nudging Vella readers to an Instagram account @wildsensibility where they can see photos (and occasionally a video) illustrating each story, since Kindle Vella doesn’t allow photos/video. I’d love feedback on whether that’s a good addition, or any suggestions you might have.

Thank you! Feedback welcome and encouraged. I love this supportive WordPress writing community. You’re the best!

7 thoughts on “Stories About Dogs, Nature and Wildlife”

  1. I only have a few episodes left of Law Law Land. Enjoying it immensely. I will definitely add this one to my list too. Just published a new episode in my Tales of the RVidiots: Year One Vella.

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