Introvert Memes

It’s Monday so, another Memeday, because I’m busy using my words on other projects this week.

Any introverts out there?

24 thoughts on “Introvert Memes”

  1. I don’t feel much hostility toward people; I actually like them, but I don’t understand them a lot of the time. I was thinking about that after the show opening on Saturday. Most of the people there (other artists) are as introverted as I am. We were all happy to see each other but didn’t have much to say. We don’t do small talk.

    People REALLY like to talk to me because I’m pretty empathetic. This is nice but also can be exhausting. It’s a way to engage without actually engaging (if that makes sense). But taking on all those feelings is tiring.

    Once I tried to figure out my the friend aspect of my life and I realized (again) that people don’t generally do what I want to do and have always wanted to do which is go on long runs/hikes/walks with my dogs. You don’t write a book in a social situation. I CAN do art work in a social situation. It’s a nice way to kind of escape without leaving and still being entertaining. I am also very very funny and I realize that’s another way to escape while still being social and entertaining. Bye πŸ˜‰

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  2. Dogs are the ultimate introvert companion aren’t they? Just more proof they are the superior species. Do you think it’s because they can’t talk? Imagine our dogs all mouthy and preachy and getting up in our business. I guess we’d all turn to fish for solace and companionship.

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  3. These are funny! I felt as though I was a forced extrovert just for choosing a career in teaching. But the older I get the more introverted I am. Due to some health challenges, and the fact that people, anxiety, and high energy can drain me, I love to retreat in solitude. My family and friends know when I’m retreating; and fortunately, most understand. Animals and nature are my kinds of crowds! I do enjoy artists, deep thinkers, writers, hikers,…it’s always great conversation. Good to see you, Rebecca!

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  4. A ha, you are my people. As well as the people who created these memes. I used to feel like an outsider, but thanks to the internet, I’ve since learned that it’s pretty normal to be an introvert, especially judging from your readers in the comments section. Thanks for sharing!

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