Writing Memes

It’s Monday, so it must be Memeday. Write on!

29 thoughts on “Writing Memes”

  1. I dig Meme Monday, RW. A great idea to start the week.

    And I relate to that one about asking the reader to figure out what is going on in the chapter, because sometimes I write something and when I go back to re-read, it’s like . . “Wait, what? I wrote this?”

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    1. Right? Sometimes I hesitate to open an old file, some anecdote I’ve written long ago, sure I’ll cringe, only to discover that it wasn’t half bad. A reminder to keep it all, whether we think it good or bad at the time. You just never know.

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      1. I have drafts that I keep, and use. And you’re right, it’s not going to be doing me any good to trash something that isn’t in my way to begin with. I think trashing drafts is akin to finally getting around to vacuuming the living room carpet instead of writing . . .

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  2. OK…didn’t know what memes were. Now I know. I will write about these in my journal I’ve kept for years. It’s actually a dear diary I had in 6th grade and it’s for the year 1968. Page 1…I can see it now…wait…I’m craving a cup of tea…

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    1. I also had a Dear Diary from that era, but unlike you, didn’t keep journaling beyond a year or so. What a treasure trove of life you’ve recorded there! Don’t stop, except briefly for a cup of tea…!


      1. The truth is I never, ever started or completed a diary. I just don’t have it in me. I have lots of starts in little books. Just-can’t-squeeze-words-out. Pant. Pant.


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