Autumn in the Payette

A forest trail run in the Payette National Forest this morning. A loop on trails maintained for mountain biking with lots of variety in terrain. Remote, at elevations between 6,000 – 7,000 feet.

So peaceful. So pretty.

My therapy. Maybe yours, too.


Near a big aspen grove (the same one with the Basque tree carvings), a breeze kicked up, making the trees “quake” and drop leaves, twirling to the ground like shiny jewels.

16 thoughts on “Autumn in the Payette”

      1. I hear you. Rebecca is a friend. Let see how Biden or even Mr. Trump are gonna fare from here onwards.
        Idaho and California Redwoods Rebecca, and may be so many more forests i don’t know yet about there. I would wish to walk, talk, learn from old trees there 🙂 Hope you are doing well.

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      2. So much to see and learn, so little time! You have traveling in your blood so I have no doubt you’ll eventually hug and talk to the redwoods and other old trees here in the states. 🙂 They have much to teach us.

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      3. If that happens, i will whisper and even try sleeping sitting beside one of the biggest ones. I feel you must have seen them. Yes, i will do that. I ll make sure to walk and talk in their company.

        They are us rebecca, not only teach they are our closest relatives. More than animal, bird or fellow human; the only ones from whom we are taking and giving what is our and theirs vital breath.

        So lovely to hear from you about trees, my friend, i will remember Idaho !!!

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