Fences IV

A bit at a loss for words lately. As a placeholder, here are more fences and gates, in winter.

snow and fence
A short break in a series of recent snow storms leaving 2.5 feet of new snow on the ground. The birds have flown south for the winter. January 11, 2020.
snow, gate, fence
Because of snow, many gates are left open in winter. February 20, 2019.
sun, cattle gate, fencing
Sun shining through a cattle chute surrounded by fencing and gates. December 31, 2018.
barn and fences in fog
Barn and fences in fog, black and white. March 27, 2019.
dog in snow with fence
Watching. January 7, 2019.
fence in fog
Fence line disappears into the fog, April 3, 2019.
moon setting over snowy landscape
Last year’s Wolf Moon setting to the west as the rising sun in the east tossed highlights onto the distant mountains. The fence? My dog yard.

Feature image: a cold and frosty New Years Day in the valley, 2016.

11 thoughts on “Fences IV”

    1. Thank you! I could always send you some of their winter undercoats when they blow their coats in the spring if you really want to bury your hands in it. Lots of fur to share and always more to replace it a few months later! There are people who will spin it into yarn, make gloves, hats, scarves… πŸ˜‰


  1. Beautiful photographs as always! I too have been at a loss of words lately. I haven’t written a single word of my novel in almost a month. I could let my excuse be that work has gotten in the way, but I think I am just being lazy. I have a three day holiday weekend and I’ve promised myself I am going to get to it! Taking a break for the NFL championship games of course. πŸ™‚ Hope you and the doggos are doing well.

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    1. Thanks!
      Go easy on yourself, Ari. Surgery/anesthetics bring on months of brain fog, in my experience, although they rarely if ever warn patients about it. Enjoy the game and weekend, maybe even write if the mood strikes!

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      1. Thank you. I have enjoyed the weekend so far and have got quite a bit of writing done. It’s a holiday for me today so I am going to throw myself back at it. Take care!


  2. You have a knack for just the right capture. I love the one where the fence disappears into the fog. And that second one, reminds me of a scene in the movie Fargo. And that hole in the clouds is wild!

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