Giving Thanks For…

…the gift of living boldly, close to nature, with my dogs. Simple things, really.

The following is a photo essay of thanks-giving, using shots taken over the last three days. I have so many things to be thankful for, but in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday I’ll focus on the current season.

I’m thankful for:

dogs on snowy trail
…a bit of sunshine peeking through aspen and pines as my dogs and I run snow-covered trails.
dogs, ski resort
…my dogs teaching me that rose hips are tasty and full of vitamin C, and for a ski resort that lets us run their well-groomed trails.
view of trees and mountains
…stunning vistas, pretty much anywhere we go in the forest, any direction we look.
dogs on trail
…adventuresome dogs always willing to run trails, any season, any weather, leading the way and showing me all the critter tracks.
trail sign
…national forests full of trails maintained by the Forest Service and an army of volunteers.
dog on log
…dogs who entertain me while we run trails (Conall showing off on a mountain bike trail feature).
tree bark
…the trees and forests that sustain us and bring us awe and joy, a place to be with nature.
dog on boulder
…nature’s agility course, full of boulders and downed trees for Conall to play on, making me smile.
snow-covered boulder
…the prints Conall leaves on boulders, as I imagine what the next person coming along thinks they represent (a wolf vantage point?).
…all the natural beauty around me, including snow on fences, frost on plants, drifting fog, and snow crystals sparking like diamonds in sunlight.
two dogs
…most of all, these two fuzzbutts who bring me so much joy and unconditional love.
dogs in yard
…the ability to reward my best friends each evening with a special treat.
…the amazing place where my dogs and I get to live, ending each day grateful and often watching a spectacular sunset before the stars come out.

I hope you are also enjoying this holiday weekend in whatever way is most meaningful to you. Personally, my Thanksgiving Day will consist of…you guessed it, a run in the snowy forest with my dogs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Feature image: a serpentine trail through the trees, about to have footprints – mine and the dogs – added to its surface.

15 thoughts on “Giving Thanks For…”

  1. So jealous! Hope you had a great outing with the dogs. Me and my dogs did the #optoutside thing on Black Friday and we had a good time. However, your scenery was better than mine! We did get some trash cleaned up though, so there is that.

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