Late Bloomers

I’m short on words today.

Doesn’t happen often, and is likely a welcome respite for you all.

Instead, some photos of late-blooming wildflowers spied on my morning run in the forested mountains. In those shady spots where winter’s snow clings the longest and where a stream is fed enough water to run all summer, a few hardy wildflowers keep struttin’ their stuff, delighting the eye.

Pearly everlastings contrast with leaves turning yellow, orange and brown.
I have no idea what these brown seed pods are; I never see flower petals on them. But crickets LOVE them. Anyone know?
wildflower, bee
A bumblebee and…wasps?…snoozing on groundsel flowers, too cold to fly.
Indian paintbrush with seed pods.
Pearly everlasting (white) with fleabane, or asters (purple); not sure I can tell the difference.
dogs, trail
Fluffbutts heading up the trail, Pearly everlasting lining both sides.

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